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City of Angels – September Update

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This whole world needs grace. I need it, my friends need it, my family needs it, my neighbors need it…….(the kids at the Kings Center need it)….

We just need grace.
We need to step back and catch a breath and love each other for their stories.
We need to give back and show up and be there.
We need to look for the good. We need to be kind.
And live with grace.
(excerpts from a poem by Rachel on Facebook)
Thank you angels for the grace you give our kids! Your prayers, support, gifts and cards of encouragement dispense GRACE on all our children. We are thankful!
We were able to provide some positive experiences for our children this summer. Besides typical days of art & crafts, biking, games, and outdoor activities, they enjoyed a trip to the Louisville Zoo and Kings Island. We also hosted several Teen Nights and the kids helped with the South Frankfort Food Share.
Thanks to your generosity, I was able to give all of them Walmart gift cards to help them prepare for school. However, after only a few weeks, we had to close for a week due to COVID. We have complete COVID guidelines in place: Temperature checks, symptoms checklists, mask mandate, handwashing, social distancing (as much as possible). Deneen has kept the children outside as much as possible.
We do have fourteen new children, 8 in first grade and 6 in second & fourth. I will need angels for these children. Some of you have kids who have “aged out” since they are in high school and only come occasionally. I will be dropping them and reassigning you to a new child.
YOU ARE:  Donna Jackson, Jennifer Reynolds, Margaret Thompson, Becky Tippett, MacKenzie Brown, Rosie Doerting, Nan Harnice, Marian Hayden and Ron Alvis.
Hopefully you will get this new information in the next two weeks.
We also have some children who have moved to another district. I’ll let you know by separate email who you are and mail you a new child and new information. This gets confusing at this time of year so please bear with me. (I need some grace 😂) I have spent several days taking pictures and trying to get info sheets but was only able to complete six that I mailed yesterday!
If you have any questions or have decided you need a break please let me know asap.
Thanks again for all your acts of grace!
Kay Scott       502-395-1516   (I text)
SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS: KeAaron Jones (9/4), Rayelle Bell (9/23), Rajon Floyd (9/23), Kaycen Weaver (9/25), Laila Carter (9/28)
OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS: JoJo Carter (10/2), Noah Coleman (10/8), Aaron Jones (10/9), Gabriele Ford (10/19), Jorianna Moore (10/23)