Dale Robinson helps children see brighter futures

By January 14, 2020 No Comments

“What are your dreams?” Dale Robinson asks the Kings Center kids.

Dale has big dreams for himself and for others. That’s why he comes to the Center twice a month with colleagues from the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation to talk with the kids about their dreams and how the future might look for them. “We want to show the kids there are opportunities out there for them,” he says.

Bad choices took Dale away from his family for 10 years while he was incarcerated. He saw how hard it was on his boys and he wants young people to make better choices and have better outcomes. His good choices – along with his hard work, determination, and infectious enthusiasm – helped him become a business owner, an author, a motivational speaker, and co-founder of the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation.

Dale says kids need positive role models, especially black, male role models. He wants them to know that they can be successful, too. Seeing Dale’s book, The Making of a Ninja, one child said, “You wrote that? Maybe I could write a book.” They talk about hard stuff, too, like bullying and gun violence.

They also talk about self-esteem, gratitude, and respect. “These kids have a bright future,” he says. “If they can be around the right people, they can become what they are meant to be.”