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City of Angels – September Update

JAMBO!!!!!!!!! This Joyous Hello greeted us everywhere we went in Africa! God is good and gave us a safe and amazing trip. One afternoon, while driving around Nairobi, we saw a bus from the Highway to Holiness Community Church. It’s mission was :To raise champions for eternity! I thought this was a dynamic purpose and should also apply […]


City of Angels – July Update

Almost every day I reread a quote from Ann Voskamp that is my mantra for the day: You are where you are to help others where they are. This isn’t a Christian’s sideline hobby; compassion is our complete vocation. We do not just care about people; caring is our calling. That’s it! 


City of Angels – January Update

“Love needs to be the driving force behind everything that we do and say!” (Dr. Phil Hill) It is obvious that LOVE was the force behind our Kings Center Christmas Party! I’ve attached two pictures to this email to give you a peek! The children were overwhelmed with your gifts and ran up and down […]