City of Angels – January Update


When you feel a radical gratitude for what you have, you end up wanting to go to radical lengths to share it. When you are radically grateful for being blessed, you want to be radically generous to the oppressed. (Ann Voskamp)

I feel “radically” blessed because you angels have been “radically” generous!

Not only did you shower our children with huge bags of presents at Christmas but many of you stepped up to contribute to our Good Giving Challenge. How blessed are we….the Board, the staff, & the children…. to have the City of Angels in our corner. We could not continue to do the work of the Kings Center without you!

This week the staff will be helping the children write their Thank You notes to you. They had a great time at the Christmas party. They did some crafts, had a talent show, and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. The cake was precious, designed by Amiyah and Akaia Jones.

Some of the kids have been working with Greg Hardison and Karen Hatter to create skits from the book Community Memories. If they aren’t ready by MLK Day then they will perform them during Black History Month. We hope to partner with the History Museum on some special projects.

The Frankfort Independent School System, the City, and the Frankfort Plant Board have been working together to upgrade WIFI access around Frankfort. Dr. Barber will be announcing the details during a press release held at the Kings Center this Friday, January 12, 10:00 a.m. This should really help our children as they work on class projects.

January Birthday: Jayanna Redden (1/8), Akaia Jones (1/8), Sirod Norphlet (1/11), Alexis Jones (1/11), Jo Jo Jones (1/19)
February Birthdays: Jack Oldham (2/4), Ashton Allen (2/5), Azavian Douglas (2/23), Caden Faulkner (2/28)

As I alluded to in the first paragraph, we had a “radical” season of giving during the Good Giving Challenge. We still don’t have enough for a “new to us” bus, but I believe by summer we will have some “radical” transportation for our kids! Thanks again for all you do!

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