💗Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! I have had a 3 week siege with my computer/printer. Sometimes I feel like a casualty of technological warfare! But thank God (and my savings account) I now have a system that should reduce my frustration.

I recently saw this post on Facebook and I think I’ve shared it before but it reminds me of you angels:

               The most wonderful places to be are:

                               In someone’s thoughts, someone’s prayers, & someone’s heart.

Thank you for being that wonderful place for the children of the Kings Center. Your thoughts, prayers, cards, and gifts are a refuge in these anxious times.

Some of you have asked me if it’s OK to tell things about yourself in the cards. YES!!! Please do. The kids really want to know who you are and what you are like. Talk to them about current events: Have you been watching the Olympics? Don’t you love the snowboarders?; or tell them about places you have been:When I was in Florida this winter I saw ten Manatees! Maybe you can see some one day.; react to school news:I read that the KC will have special wifi connections. Good luck expanding your studies!  

One of my goals is to have the kids write you back more often. I’m partnering with FHS mentors to have some scribes come once a month to help with this. Most of you should have received a Thank You for Christmas. To those who didn’t,  I apologize. I tried my best to reach them all.

We are going through a transition this month and have a new program assistant coming on board. He is Jamal Charles and has a great reputation in the community as a strong disciplinarian and role model. We are confident that he will have a positive impact on our children.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support. Your commitment to the Kings Center is making a difference in the lives of our children!

February Birthdays: Jack Oldham (2/4), Ashton Allen (2/5), Azavian Douglas (2/23), Caden Faulkner (2/28)

March Birthdays: NONE (wow)

April Birthdays: Hunter Riddle (4/13), Kamarieon Carter (4/25), Da’kyo Washington (4/30)

Please feel free to email or text me with any questions you may have!

Kay Scott  502-395-1516

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