God’s presence needs no practicing because God’s presence has no end.

God’s presence needs no practicing because it’s perfect and it’s present everywhere. God’s presence needs no practicing—-we’re the ones who need to practice waking to it! (Ann Voskamp in THE WAY OF ABUNDANCE)

We can see God’s presence in the noise and the clatter of the kids pouring out of the bus and into the Kings Center every day. We can see God’s presence in the rough and tumble interactions of the family of the Kings Center. We can see God’s presence in the welcoming hugs of the staff as they greet our children! AND we can see God’s presence in the letters and cards of encouragement our children receive each month from you….THEIR ANGELS!

Thank you so much for your continued faithfulness in their lives. They had a full Fall Break with many new activities offered by Second Street School and our new Program Coordinator, Cleira Henderson. I hope you received our recent NEWS letter to give you the info! If not, please let me know so I can put you on our mailing list.

We have an exceptional opportunity for us at the end of this month. Through the efforts of Jeri Katherine Howell, we are part of a grant called HEARTBEATS, funded by the US Department of State, Frankfort Independent Schools and several local organizations. It’s a youth development program designed to address childhood trauma. Check out our website for more info. There will be several public presentations at the Paul Sawyier Library on October 30 and November 1.

Several of our former kids are stars on the FHS football team: Jonathan Tillman & Jevon Bush. Follow them on the State Journal.

Thanks again for being God’s presence in the lives of our Kings Center kids!

October Birthdays….over! 😀

November Birthdays: Lakiyah Taylor (11/2), Larry Carter Jr. (11/7), Olivia Brown (11/9), Kaliyah Washington (11/21), Kyron Redden (11/22), Brianna Walker (11/29), Jalonee Cleveland (11/30)

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