City of Angels – June Update


It has occurred to me that many of our children were raised on TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL reruns!

Recently one sixth grade girl was bragging about all the beautiful cards she gets from her angel when another child said, “Well, you get to meet your angel when you graduate high school.” Her eyes got big and she squealed, “You mean my angel is REAL!” I said, “Yes, she’s just a person like me. I’ve been an angel for fifteen years.” Then a little boy tugged at my side and whispered, “Can you show us your wings?” 😇

You may not have wings but you are making an impact on our children! Thanks as always for your continued prayers, notes of encouragement, and financial support. We could not offer some of the programs we have for the children without you.

This summer the COA will provide the weekly trips to the Grand Theatre for a variety of Arts programs. We will continue to be a part of the Summer Reading program at Paul Sawyier Library and will engage in activities at the Fantasy Forest and the Josephine Sculpture Park. AETNA is providing us with kits to raise butterflies. Debbie Brown and Marian Hayden will be leading this program which includes a health and wellness component. AND we will raise our tomatoes and peppers to make salsa in August! Our new director, Beth Shera, is busy creating partnerships with community resources. Our children will have an engaging summer.😎

PLEASE! PLEASE!  PLEASE! plan to support our Annual Benefit Dinner on Friday, June 22, from 6:00-8:30 in Asbury Hall. “Hill of Beans” is catering, back by poplar demand! Their food is plenty and delicious. We have some very nice Silent Auction items and you’ll see a slide show of our kids in action. Tickets are $ 30 or 4 @ $100. You can email me and I’ll have yours at the door. This is our major fund raiser and we are very grateful for your support!🎉

As always, I can use some help with the dinner. If you feel so inclined, please let me know. Thanks again for all you do for the children of South Frankfort.

JUNE Birthdays: Amyah Robinson (6/9), Jeremiah Washington (6/30)

JULY Birthdays: Cameron Cubert (7/1), Mira Harris (7/4), Jaden Oldham (7/8), Amiyah Jones (7/23)

To all you “wingless angels” THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Kay Scott   502-395-1516

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