City of Angels – July Update



Thank you all for having a heart for the Kings Center kids! A special SHOUT OUT to those angels who helped with our dinner: Shy Bradley, Rhonda Deaton, Sandy Deaton, Jean Farrisee, Pat Hankla, Corky Herbert, Anne Hilen, Nancy Osborne, Kindra Stark, Jan Wahrer. Also, thank all of you who attended or sent contributions. The dinner was very successful and the testimonies from former KC kids touched many hearts. We are so thankful for God’s leading in the work of the Kings Center.

I have had such a busy summer (just returned from three weeks in upstate New York!) that I can’t believe it’s time to get the kids ready for school! 📝Please don’t fret yourself about their school lists. Some Sunday School classes have donated certain items already so I will use your ($20) contribution to get backpacks & extras.

If you have not sent in your $ 60 yearly contribution and want to do that now with your school supply contribution that would be helpful for me. I apologize for not being very good at reminding you with a special letter. Since our administrative assistant resigned in May, I’m going to be scrambling to keep my records up to date (not my strong suit!). Please remember to make the check out to the Kings Center but put City of Angels on the memo line. The Angel bank account is separate.

The children have been attending the Grand Theatre’s summer programs, Paul Sawyier library reading program, 4H Extension programs, swimming at the YMCA, and Kids Grow KY canoeing and camping. Next week they will go to the Muhammad Ali Museum in Louisville. They will celebrate the end of summer with a trip to Kings Island sponsored by the South Frankfort Park Association. Your contributions make these summer activities possible. THANK YOU!💥

Once school starts I will try to have your child write you about their new school year. Remember that you are often the only person who writes them notes! Never underestimate the power of this connection. Thank you for your faithfulness.💗

Kay Scott 395-1516

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