City of Angels – July Update


Almost every day I reread a quote from Ann Voskamp that is my mantra for the day: You are where you are to help others where they are. This isn’t a Christian’s sideline hobby; compassion is our complete vocation. We do not just care about people; caring is our calling. That’s it! 

Thank you for your calling to care for the children of the Kings Center. Your compassion is evident in your notes of encouragement, your prayers,and your financial support. I especially thank all of you who attended our benefit dinner. I felt a positive flow that evening and a generous spirit. Even though I was disappointed that only 3 of our 8 graduates attended, I truly believe that we have had an impact on their lives. So thank you for your faithfulness!

This summer has brought many wonderful opportunities for the children. Several children attended Camp Artafacty at the History Center. Several others will be going to the drama workshops at the Grand Theatre. Meanwhile many children attend the Grand Theatre’s summer arts programs every Tuesday. Most children are also involved in the Paul Sawyier library events every Thursday.

Since the Josephine Sculpture Park is no longer doing Shakespeare plays, we have partnered with them to do several workshops with Chakaia Booker (a nationally famous sculptor). The children will not only learn about her ideas and methods but will be guided in creating their own sculptures from found objects. I’m sure her enthusiasm will inspire our children’s creativity.

KC kids will also be given a chance to create their own pottery with Anne Elliott at Broadway Clay. Fieldtrips are being planned to provide some enrichment activities as well as recreational.

Believe it or not SCHOOL IS FOUR WEEKS AWAY!  So I will need to start planning for school supplies by the middle of this month. Last year most of you sent your yearly contribution ($60) along with your school supply contribution ($20) during the month of July. This was very helpful for me since I’m doing the book keeping now! 

Remember to write your checks to the Kings Center, memo line City of Angels. Mail them to me at 712 Winterhaven Lane. 

July Birthdays: Cameron Cubert (7/1), Mira Harris (7/4), Jaden Oldham (7/8), Amiyah Jones (7/23)

August Birthdays: Andrew Gaines (8/4), Miriah Beckham (8/5), Cameron Childs (8/6)

Thank you for your compassion and caring. You continue to encourage me as well as the KC children! 

Kay Scott 

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