City of Angels – January Update


“Love needs to be the driving force behind everything that we do and say!” (Dr. Phil Hill)

It is obvious that LOVE was the force behind our Kings Center Christmas Party! I’ve attached two pictures to this email to give you a peek! The children were overwhelmed with your gifts and ran up and down the display tables looking for theirs in happy anticipation! You really outdid yourselves this year. Thank you so much for your generosity. The children felt the LOVE behind the gifts.

I will be helping them write Thank you letters this week. I will remind you that after 2 1/2 weeks of break they may not accurately remember all their gifts but rest assured they received them and were abundantly happy. Many parents told Board Members how impressed they were with your generosity. So thank you again!

As school starts back this week, so will our Kings Center programs. We have hired another former KC graduate to help, Ti’Ara Carothers. She has volunteered in the past and is well acquainted with most of our children. We also have a math teacher who volunteers and several KSU students who come and read with the kids. Our focus this winter will be on vocabulary through Word Blast and supplementing the Second Street reading program. 

This has been a tough winter for many of our children who have lost family members to violence. Please pray for their safety and their protection as well as their hearts & minds. They need to trust us and believe this is a caring community! Thank you for your prayers and for your notes of encouragement. They are all acts of LOVE.

January Birthdays: Jayanna Redden (1/4), Max Jones (1/6), Akaia Jones (1/8), Sirod Norphlet (1/11), Alexis Jones (1/11), Jorge Sousa (1/16), Anandi Douglas (1/31)

February Birthdays: Ashton Allen (2/5), Kiley Mack (2/13), Azavian Douglas (2/23), Caden Faulkner (2/28)

In HIS love,

Kay Scott   502-395-1516

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