City of Angels – August, 2016


I am so excited and thankful for you all! This is the first year that I have 3/4 of my angels up to date on their yearly contribution before the Fall (and I haven’t had to send out any letters!). WOW, I feel blessed! Thanks so much for your faithfulness. Again, as our children start a new year at school, keep writing them encouraging notes. They love getting mail from you. We have many new little ones that have joined and they ask me daily when do they “get an angel!” Another child told me in all sincerity that he knew his angel was Santa Claus!😀

On a more serious note, I have been working to have the children write you an update and filling out interest forms for new children. The last sentence asks them what you could pray about. One little boy went into a long story about wanting his parents to stop fighting and how afraid he was when his Dad yells. It was a glance into the heart & mind of this little one. Please continue to pray for your precious child of God.

When you receive your new picture and form from your child don’t be shocked by the handwriting. I let the older ones fill them out on their own. Also, the kids got a kick out of showing their personalities in their pictures.😃 I’m leaving for a week to take my French student to Chicago so I probably won’t mail these updates to you until the last week of August. Since we always have some children moving away from the district, a few of you will have new children. If that is the case, I will email you personally before I send you your update.

Continue to pray for the Kings Center workers. There are many needs.

I’m sure you all have received an invitation to Mary Ann Burch’s NORWEX party. What a gracious hostess and generous angel. Please let her know if you can make it. I will not be there since I’ll be in Chicago but I hope many of you can make it. I’m sure it will be fun & informational, and will provide the KC with some needed products. This idea grew out of the Chefs R Us program.

AUGUST BIRTHDAYS: Andrew Gaines (8/4), Miriah Beckham (8/5), Cameron Childs (8/6)
SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS: Trey Haynes (9/7), Rajan Floyd (9/23), Kaycen Weaver (9/25), Jevon Bush (9/29)

Many thanks for all you do!

Kay Scott 395-1516

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